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The Monkey's Paw

The Monkey's Paw
by W.W. Jacobs
Book and Cassette
The Raven and the Monkey's Paw:
Classics of Horror and Suspense from the Modern Library

Vocabulary in context quiz 1 - ADVERBS

Choose the best meaning of the underlined words:

1. "If you could have another three wishes," said the old man, eying him KEENLY, "would you have them?"

2. Mr. White took the paw from his pocket and eyed it DUBIOUSLY

3. He gazed FURTIVELY at Mrs. White

4. The white-haired old lady was knitting PLACIDLY by the fire

5. "Never mind, dear," said his wife SOOTHINGLY

6. Mr. White looked up SHARPLY

7. The sergeant-major shook hands and watched CONTENTEDLY while his host got out whiskey

8. He found the monkey's paw, and FRANTICALLY breathed his third and last wish

9. Better let it burn," said the soldier, SOLEMNLY

10. "If you must wish," he said, GRUFFLY, "wish for something sensible."

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