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What is an Idiom?
Here's a short explanation on idioms.
Visits: 18704
Alphabetical List: FOOD/EATING Idoms
Here is a list of food/eating idioms.
Visits: 12469
Alphabetical List: KNOWLEDGE Idioms
Here is a list of knowledge, understanding, and comprehension idioms.
Visits: 44709
Alphabetical List: NUMBER Idioms
Here is a list of idioms with numbers in them.
Visits: 21962
Animal Idioms 01 - Lesson + Quiz
Animal Idioms - It's raining cats and dogs.
Visits: 74343
Animal Idioms 02 - QUIZ
Don't have a cow...
Visits: 28880
Animal Idioms 03 - QUIZ
A little birdie told me that this quiz is difficult!
Visits: 14421
Body Idioms 01 Lesson + Quiz
Get a head start learning idioms.
Visits: 40830
Body Idioms 02 Quiz
Let's have a heart-to-heart talk about idioms.
Visits: 7120
Body Idioms 03 Quiz
Don't get cold feet when trying this difficult quiz!
Visits: 5857
Body Idioms 04 Lesson + Quiz
It doesn't cost and arm and a leg to learn idioms at English-Zone.Com!
Visits: 3648
Body Idioms 05 Quiz
Keep your chin up - you can learn idioms.
Visits: 3815
Horse Idioms 01 Lesson + Quiz
Get it straight from the horse's mouth.
Visits: 20928
Mouth Idioms 01 Lesson + Quiz
Don't get down in the mouth - idioms are fun!
Visits: 15061
Mouth Idioms 02 Lesson + Quiz
You took the words right out of my mouth.
Visits: 3689
Relationships - Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
Print this lesson to practice idiomatic expressions and phrasal verbs to describe relationships. Donated by Churchill House School of English.
Visits: 23778

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