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Present/Future Real (True) Conditionals

Type the correct verb form for each RESULT-CLAUSE. 
When you are done, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers.

 Conditional Rules Help Box

1. (to go)If the weather is nice, we usually  swimming.
2. (will + visit)My family  the zoo if the weather is nice tomorrow.
3. ( might + win)If I buy a lottery ticket, I  the lottery.
4. (to drive)My brother usually  to school if he has gas in his car.
5. (can + go)If it snows tomorrow, we  skiing.
6. (to make)My sister always a snowman if there is enough snow.
7. (will + bake)My mom  a cake if she has enough flour and sugar.
8. (to drink)If there is milk in the refrigerator, Jack always  with his cookies.
9. (will + get)If my sister eats all of the cake, I  angry.
10.(to punish)My mother always  my sister if she tells a lie.
11. (go/can/not)If the weather isn't nice tomorrow, we  to the park.
12. (drive/can/not)My brother  to school if he doesn't get car fixed.
13. (go/will/not)If there is enough milk in the refrigerator, I  to the supermarket today.
14. (go/can/not)If it doesn't snow tomorrow, we  skiing.
15. (wash/will/not)My dad  his car if it rains on Saturday.
16. (get/will/not)If we clean our room, our mom  angry.
17. (learn/will/not)We  anything if we don't do our homework.
18. (call/will/not) you if I get home late.
19. (go/should/not)We  jogging today if it is raining, or we'll get wet.
20. (take/can/not)If the phone keeps ringing this afternoon, I  a nap.

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