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Present/Future True Conditionals 2
PRESENT TRUE Situations:
simple present verb
PRESENT TRUE Situations:
simple present verb
If it rains,
If I don't clean my apartment,
my car window leaks.
my roommate complains.
If Marie doesn't eat dinner,
If I work,
she gets hungry at midnight.
I earn money!
FUTURE TRUE Situations:
simple present verb
FUTURE TRUE Situations:
modal + simple present verb
If it rains,
my window might leak.
If the phone rings,
I will answer it.
If the weather is sunny later,
we can go to the beach.
Write the correct form of the verbs in the blanks below:
1. (should + raise) If you know the answer, you ______________ your hand.
2. (will + visit) Leslie __________________ San Francisco if she saves enough money.
3. ( might + win) If I buy a lottery ticket, I ______________ the lottery.
4. (to drive) My brother usually ______________ to school if he has gas in his car.
5. (can + take) If the camera has some film, we ______________ some pictures.
6. (to build) My sister always ______________ a snowman if there is enough snow.
7. (will + bake) My mom ______________ a cake if she has enough flour and sugar.
8. (to drink) If there is milk in the refrigerator, Jack always _____________ it with his cookies.
9. (will + be) If Demi divorces Bruce, their children _____________ sad.
10.(to punish) My mother always __________ my sister if she tells a lie.
11. (not + must + miss) If there's a test tomorrow, we __________________ class.
12. (not + will + pass) We ______________________ the class if we miss the test.
13. (not + will + be able to) If we fail the class, we  ________________ find a good job.
14. (not + will + get) If I don't get a good job, I probably ________________ married.
15. (not + will + have) If I don't get married, I ________________ a family.
16. (not + will + be) I __________________ happy if I don't have a family.
17. (not + will + want) If I am not happy, I _______________ to live anymore.
18. (not + will + be) If I don't want to live anymore, my life _______________ meaningful.
19. (not + must + fail) If I don't want a sad life, I _______________ that test tomorrow.
20. (not + will + be) If I don't start studying RIGHT NOW, I ______________ ready for the test!
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