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A group of friends were out drinking in a bar one night. One guy, who had drunk too much beer, passed out. His friends laughed at him because he was drunk, and one of his friends decided to play a joke on him. He removed the label off of his beer bottle and he stuck the label on the guy's forehead!

An hour or so later, the drunk guy woke up, looked at his watch, and thought..."OH MAN!.. I'd better get home NOW!"

Stupidly, he got into his car and began to drive, but he hadn't even gone a mile when he saw the red lights of a police car in his rearview mirror. "Oh NO!" he said, as he pulled over to the side of the road.

The police officer walked up to the car, looked in, and shook his head. "Sir...have you been drinking?"

"Well, I had one or two," the drunk guy says.

Disgusted, the cop says "Sir, why do you have a Budweiser beer label on your FACE?!"

The guy looks at himself in the mirror..."Oh NO!" he says," Those IDIOTS!!"  His mind quickly started thinking of an answer.

Then, he suddenly smiles, looks at the policeman and says, "Oh THIS?  Well, you see, I am trying to quit drinking, and my doctor gave me this PATCH!"

I don't understand this joke.

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