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A man was walking along Main Street when he found a penguin walking along the road near the river, so he picked it up and took it to the local police station.

He told the policeman at the desk, "I found this penguin on Main Street, near the river. What should I do with it?"

The policeman looked at the man and said, "It's obvious what you should do with it! Take the penguin to the City Zoo!"

The man said, "Oh, of course! I'll take it to the zoo." and he left the police station with the penguin under his arm.

The next day the policeman was on duty on Main Street when he saw the same man walking along the street with the penguin by his side. The policeman stopped the man and said, "I thought I told you to take the penguin to the zoo?"

The man replied, "Yes, I did. I took the penguin to the zoo yesterday. We had a lot of fun! Today we're going to the City Museum!"

I don't understand this joke.

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