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Make Your Own Web Page
Would you like to write your own web page?
Just answer the questions below:
Be sure you use capital letters where necessary!
What's your name? 

(ex:Peter, Miss Jones)
Where do you live? 

(ex: Fullerton, Tokyo)
How old are you?
What is your best friend's first name? 

(ex: Elizabeth, Ashley)
Are you married or single
Choose one or two words to describe yourself: 

(ex: serious, crazy, fun)
What do you do on weekends? 

(relax, sleep, play the piano, etc.)
Who is the smartest person in the world? 

(Do NOT write your name! haha)
What is your favorite TV show? 

(ex: The Simpsons)
Complete the sentence: "Learning English is ... 

(interesting, boring)
Do you think the internet is useful? Yes or no? 

Now a few questions about your city:
What is the most interesting place in your town?

(ex: The Olympic Stadium)
What is your favorite restaurant? 

(ex: Ruby's Restaurant)
What is the name of the best sports team in your city? 

(ex: The Lakers)
Ok, are you ready to make your webpage? Push this button: 

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