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Commonly Confused Words 01 - Lesson

Study these words, then take a quiz.

adapt (v) To change or change something to suit different conditions.
  Example: When I lived in Europe, I had to adapt my lifestyle to fit in with my host family.

adopt (v) To accept something formally and put into effect.
  Example: Our school adopted a no smoking on campus policy.

allusion (n) An implied or indirect reference especially in literature.
  Example: Your allusion to Shakespeare is unclear in this essay.

illusion (n) A misleading image presented to the vision.
  Example: That picture is an optical illusion. It tricks your eye into seeing something that's not there.

cite (v) To quote by way of example, authority, or proof.
  Example: Please cite your references on the last page of your essay.

site (n) A location.
  The architect visited the construction site yesterday.

sight (n) Something regarded as worth seeing.
  Example: The fireworks show at midnight was a beautiful sight to see.

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