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Past Perfect Progressive 1

USAGE: Past perfect progressive is used for an event that was in progress in the past.
It is also used for events that happened in the recent past.
EXAMPLE: The police had been looking for the robber for two months before they finally found him.
MEANING: The police actively searched for two months, and THEN they found the robber.
"had been looking" tells us that the event took a while to finish.
FORMAT: had + been + ___ing =   They had been looking for two months.
Change the verbs to past perfect progressive or simple past. 
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1. When it was time to take the family photograph, Tom's lips and mouth (be)  blue because he (eat) small pieces of blue candy all afternoon. His family had to reschedule the photo.
2. Yesterday Paul went to the dentist. He waited in the waiting room until his name was called. He was very nervous when he finally (sit)  in the dentist's chair because he (listen)  to the other patient's screams for the past half hour!
3. A) I was very worried about you last night. You came home so late from work.
B) I'm sorry. I (be) late because I (wait) for an important business call all week long, and it finally came through. 
4. When it was time to go to church, Jimmy's mother (become)  very angry because she found that Jimmy (play) in the dirt and mud. His clothes were all dirty and he had to take a bath. The whole family was late to church.
5. I went to my friend's house yesterday. When I (get)  home my hair was still wet because we (swim) all day.
6. Sara (watch)  a sad movie at the theater last night. When she got home, her eyes were red and she was sniffling because she (cry) .
7. Yesterday Maria fed the cat and then she went to work. After Maria (come)  home from work, her cat was eager to go outside to play because he (sleep)  inside all day long.
8. Yesterday Rachel (buy)  tickets to a rock concert. She was very lucky to get tickets. Some people (stand)  in line for 2 hours, but she simply walked up and bought two tickets!
9. Jorge (study)  for his final exam for three weeks, so he (pass) it easily.
10. Sheena (get) sunburned badly because she (lie)  in the sun all day.

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