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Simple Past / Past Perfect

RULE: When you have a choice between past perfect or simple past,
the past perfect event happened first in time.

FIRST: The thief spent the money.
THEN: The police caught the thief.

The thief had spent the money before the police caught him.
OR: Before the police caught the thief, he had spent the money.

"had spent" tells us that event happened first in time.

Past perfect key words: already, yet

1. After Diego ____ lunch, he ____ to some music for a while. 
What happened first in time?
-Diego ate lunch. 
-Diego listened to some music.
A) finished  /  had listened
B) had finished / listened
C) finished  /  listened
D) had finished  / had listened

2. Peter ___ his homework when the phone ____ . 
What happened first in time?
-The phone rang. 
-Peter finished his homework.
A) had just finished / rang
B) had just finished / had rung
C) just finished / rang
D) just finished / had rung

3. I ___ anything because the doctor ___ me an injection for the pain before he started working on me.
What happened first in time?
-I got an injection.
-I didn't feel anything.
A) didn't feel / gave
B) hadn't felt / had given
C) didn't feel / had given
D) hadn't felt / gave

4. The streets ___ wet yesterday because it ____ early in the morning. 
What happened first in time?
-The streets were wet. 
-It rained.
A) had been / rained
B) were / rained
C) had been / had rained
D) were / had rained

5. When Danny and Cecelia ___ , they ___ each other for two weeks.
What happened first in time?
-They got married. 
-They knew each other.
A) had gotten married / only knew
B) had gotten married / had only known
C) got married / had only known
D) got married / only knew

6. Lee's manager ____ to convince him to stay, but he ____ to quit.
What happened first in time?
-His manager talked to him. 
-He decided to quit.
A) tried / had already decided
B) had tried / had already decided
C) had tried / already decided
D) tried / already decided

7) Jennifer ____ in several other cities when she _____ to move to New York City.
What happened first in time?
-She decided to move. 
-She lived in many cities.
A) lived / decided
B) lived / had decided
C) had lived / decided
D) had lived / had decided

8) Elena _____ her bicycle for only a short time before somebody_____ it. 
What happened first in time?
-She had a bicycle.
-The bike was stolen.
A) had had / stole
B) had had / had stolen
C) had / stole
D) had / had stolen

9. I ___ sick for several days, so I ___ to see the doctor.
What happened first in time?
-I went to the doctor. 
-I felt sick.
A) had felt / had gone
B) felt / had gone
C) felt / went
D) had felt / went

10. The movie ____ by the time we ____ to the theater.
What happened first in time?
-We got to the theater
-The movie started.
A) had already started / had gotten
B) already started / gotten
C) had already started / got
D) already started / had gotten

You have correct answers out of 10.

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