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Past Perfect 1

Past perfect is used when there are two past events.
The past perfect event happened first in time.

FIRST: The thief spent the money.
THEN: The police caught the thief.

The thief had spent the money before the police caught him.
OR: Before the police caught the thief, he had spent the money.

"had spent" tells us that event happened first in time.

Past perfect key words: already, yet

Change the verbs to past perfect or simple past. 
Click on the Check Answers button.

1. First: Diego ate dinner. Then: Pablo came over.
Diego (eat)  dinner already by the time Pablo (come)  over.

2. First: I finished my homework. Then: I went to bed.
I (go)  to bed after I (finish)  my homework.

3. First: Sam washed the dishes. Then: Sam turned on the TV. 
Sam (turn) on the TV after he (wash)  the dishes.

4. First: Frank threw the football. Then: Frank fell down.
Frank (fall)  down after he (throw)  the football.

5. First: I bought an airplane ticket. Then: Sara found a really good price. 
After I (buy)  an airplane ticket already, Sara (find)  a really good price.

6. Last night I started to make dinner at 5:30, and finished at 5:50. At 6:00, my husband came home.
By the time my husband (come)  home, I (make)  dinner already.

7. Yesterday Maria fed the cat and then she went to work.
Maria (go)  to work after she (feed)  the cat.

8. Peter was late. By the time he (get)  to the theater, the movie (start)  already.

9. The teacher (give)  an exam by the time Jorge (arrive) at school.

10. We (play)  cards for several hours after the children (go)  to bed.

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