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Present Perfect vs. Present Perfect Progressive - Lesson + Exercise

have/has + __(past participle)__
have/has + been + _(verb) ing
-for actions not happening now
-for actions already finished at this time
-for CONTINUING actions
-for actions not finished at the moment
-for actions in the recent time period
Sam has played tennis with two different teams.
Is Sam playing tennis right now?
1. Yes - he's playing now. 
2. No - he's not playing now.

Jeff has already finished his homework.
Is Jeff doing his homework right now?
1. Yes, he is. (The action is continuing.)
2. No, he isn't. (The action is finished.)

Peter and Paul have already cleaned their room.
Are they cleaning right now?
1. Yes (The action is continuing.)
2. No (The action is finished.)

Shaq has been playing for The Lakers since 1996.
Does Shaq still play for the Lakers?
1. Yes, he does. (The action is continuing.)
2. No, he doesn't. (The action is finished.)

Jeff has been thinking about changing his field of study.
Is he still considering changing it?
1. Yes, he is. (The action is continuing.)
2. No, he isn't. (The action is finished.)

They have been practicing English for many years.
Do they still practice English?
1. Yes, they do. 
2. No, they don't. 

Sometmes it's possible to use words like WORK, PLAY, STUDY, LIVE, in either tense with no change in meaning.
Compare: -Mr. Sanchez has taught English for 6 years.
              -Mr. Sanchez has been teaching English for 6 years.


1) Nancy Kerrigan is a professional ice skater. She ____ since she was a child.
A) has skated B) has been skating C) both tenses possible

2) Nancy ____ many awards for her skating. In fact, she won an Olympic medal.
A) has won B) has been winning C) both possible

3) Suriya Bonaly is also an Olympic ice skater. She's from France, but she ___ in Pennsylvania and Massachussetts in the United States.
A) has also lived B) has also been living C) both possible

4) Robin Cousins, a former ice skater and current commentator said this about new skater Mikkeline Kierkgaard, "She is one to watch for the future. She ___ everyone with the quality of her skating."
A) has surprised B) has been surprising C) both possible

5) In addition to ice skating, Mikkeline Kierkgaard ___ high school. She gets very good marks, and she even won a prize for being the most serious student at her school, for being able to handle school and skating at the same time. 
A) has attended B) has been attending C) both possible

6) Brian Boytano, a 1988 Olmypic Gold medalist, ____ lately that upon retirement he will move to a farm in Napa Valley, grow grapes, and ice skate only occasionally.
A) has said B) has been saying C) both possible

7) Brian ___ about opening a restaurant after he retires from skating, but he hasn't mentioned those plans lately.
A) has also talked B) has also been talking C) both possible

8) Scott Hamilton is another famous ice skater. He ____ since he was 9 years old.
A) has skated B) has been skating C) both possible

9) Scott was treated for testicular cancer in 1997. He successfully beat the cancer and he ____ cancer-free since that time.
A) has remained B) has been remaining C) both possible

10) Scott's focus ___ from skating in competitions to being the commentator at ice shows and sporting events, but he still performs in shows occasionally.
A) has changed B) has been changing C) both possible

You have correct answers out of 10.

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