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Past To Be Verb Practice: Short Answers

Choose the correct past tense answer for each question.

Click on the Check Answers button.

A) Was Don a manager?
B) _______________
Yes. He were. Yes, he was. Yes, he's.

A) Were Stephan and Kerry here?
B) _______________
No, she was'nt. Yes, they wasn't. No, they weren't.

A) Were you tired?
B) _______________
No, I wasn't. Yes, she was. They were.

A) Was the meeting interesting?
B) _______________
It is not. Yes, it was. Yes, they were.

A) Was the lecture good?
B) _______________
Yes, they were. No, it wasn't. No, she's not.

A) Was Tobias at home when you called?
B) _______________
Yes, he were. Yes, he was. No, we weren't.

A) Were the workers busy?
B) _______________
No, they wern't. Yes, they're. Yes, they were.

A) Was their work finished?
B) _______________
No, it were not. Yes, it was. No, it was.

A) Were you very busy today?
B) _______________
Yes, we were. No, I'm not. No, I weren't

A) Was the client here?
B) _______________
Yes, they are. No, it wasn't. Yes, he was.

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