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Indirect Speech

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Remember to use the formal sequence of tenses to change the tense.


1) "I am working in Fullerton," Susan said.
Susan told me that she  in Fullerton.

2) "I took a lot of English classes," Janet said.
Janet said she  a lot of English classes.

3) "Susan and Jack liked the movie," Terry said.
Terry told me that they  the movie.

4) "I was brushing my hair when you called," Sara said.
Sara said that she  her hair when I called.

5) "I have finished my composition," Alana said.
Alana said she  her composition.

6) Mike said, "My sister had already grown up, by the time I was born."
Mike told me that his sister   by the time he was born.

7) "I can't go with you to the theater," Barry said.
Barry said he  with me to the theater.

8) Sally said, "I'll talk to you on Saturday."
Sally said she  to me on Saturday.

9) "I should study harder," Carrie said.
Carrie said that she  much harder.

10) Kate said, "It may rain tomorrow."
Kate told me that it  tomorrow.

11) "The students in our class can speak many languages," Eric said.
Eric said that the students in our class  many languages.

12) Steve said, "I must save my money for my trip to California."
Steve said that he  his money for his trip to California.

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