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To BE Verb Quiz 4

Directions:Choose the correct verb for each sentence below.
When you are done, click on the Check Answers button to check your answers.
1. Elizabeth works hard.  ___ a police officer.
I'm She's  We're
2. Martin and Jeff paint signs. ___ painters.
We're He's They're
3) I study every day. ___ a student.
I'm I'am Ia'm
4) Samantha is very pretty. In fact,  ___ beautiful.
I'm she's shes'
5) Kenny is a teacher. ___ very busy.
Heis He's They're
6) Terry is a teacher also, but ___ not busy.
I'm he's HE'S
7) Don't talk to the students now. ___ busy with a test!
theyre' theyr'e They're
8) San Francisco isn't a state. ___ a city.
We're It's She's
 9) I love my work. ___ a doctor.
I'm Ia'm We're
10) The people are loud. ___ not quiet.
We're Thy're They're

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