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"But or So?"                    ANSWER KEY
Use but to show contrast:
Example: She was tired.  +   She worked all night. 
She was tired, but she worked all night.
Use so to show a result:
Example: She was tired.  + She rested
She was tired, so she rested.

Write BUT or SO in the blanks below.

    1. It was sunny outside,   SO   Jack put on some sunglasses.
    2. It was dark outside,  BUT  Brad put on some sunglasses.
    3. Jerry enjoys horses,   SO   he's learning how to ride.
    4. David is afraid of horses,  BUT  he's learning how to ride.
    5. Elaine loves to dance,   SO   she went to the school dance.
    6. Petra can't dance,  BUT  she went to the school dance.
    7. Elizabeth enjoys painting,  BUT  she decided not to.
    8. Bethany enjoys painting,   SO   she bought more paint and paper.
    9. Eric wasn't very hungry,  BUT  he ate a sandwich.
    10. Fred was very hungry,   SO   he ate two sandwiches.
    11. Kate loves cats,   SO   she got a new cat.
    12. Cathy likes dogs too,  BUT  she didn't get a dog.
    13. Sara's teacher asked her to give a speech,   SO   she got very nervous.
    14. Sara was very nervous,  BUT  she gave a wonderful speech.
    15. Homework isn't fun,  BUT  the students do it anyway.
    16. They know homework is necessary,   SO   they do it with a smile.
    17. Most people know it's dangerous for their health,  BUT   they smoke anyway.
    18. Some people get very nervous,   SO   they smoke cigarettes.
    19. When we are showing contrast, we use  BUT .
    20. When we are giving a result, we use   SO   .
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