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"But or So?"                           Name:_____________
Use but to show contrast:
Example: She was tired.  +   She worked all night. 
She was tired, but she worked all night.
Use so to show a result:
Example: She was tired.  + She rested
She was tired, so she rested.

Write BUT or SO in the blanks below.

    1. It was sunny outside, _____ Jack put on some sunglasses.
    2. It was dark outside, _____ Brad put on some sunglasses.
    3. Jerry enjoys horses, _____ he's learning how to ride.
    4. David is afraid of horses, _____ he's learning how to ride.
    5. Elaine loves to dance, _____ she went to the school dance.
    6. Petra can't dance, _____ she went to the school dance.
    7. Elizabeth enjoys painting, _____ she decided not to.
    8. Bethany enjoys painting, _____ she bought more paint and paper.
    9. Eric wasn't very hungry, _____ he ate a sandwich.
    10. Fred was very hungry, _____ he ate two sandwiches.
    11. Kate loves cats, _____ she got a new cat.
    12. Cathy likes dogs too,  _____ she didn't get a dog.
    13. Sara's teacher asked her to give a speech, _____ she got very nervous.
    14. Sara was very nervous, _____ she gave a wonderful speech.
    15. Homework isn't fun, _____ the students do it anyway.
    16. They know homework is necessary, _____ they do it with a smile.
    17. Most people know it's dangerous for their health, _____  they smoke anyway.
    18. Some people get very nervous,   _____ they smoke cigarettes.
    19. When we are showing contrast, we use ________ .
    20. When we are giving a result, we use ________ .
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