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Participial Adjectives Practice Page                    ANSWER KEY
Use the present participle (-ing) to describe how something is.
Use the past participle (-ed) to describe how someone feels.
  1. The children were (fascinate)  FASCINATED   by the animals in the zoo.
  2. The animals were (fascinate)  FASCINATING   to the children.
  3. The nature film was (fascinate) FASCINATING .
  4. Susan was (fascinate)  FASCINATED   by the nature film.
  5. Jennifer is (interest) INTERESTED   in computers.
  6. Computers are (interest) INTERESTING to Jennifer.
  7. Jason is an (interest) INTERESTINGperson. I'd like to meet him.
  8. Jason is (interest)  INTERESTED  in history.
  9. Some movies are very (bore)  BORING . They make me sleepy.
  10. Sara was (bore)  BORED   at the movie.
  11. The professor's lecture was a little (bore)  BORING . I almost fell asleep!
  12. Professor Samuel's class (bore) BORED   me yesterday.
  13. I am really (bore)  BORED   today.
  14. Trying to learn another language can be (tire) TIRING  sometimes.
  15. Working for 12 hours with no break is (tire) TIRING  for most people.
  16. Johnathon is very (tire) TIRED  today because he worked all day.
  17. I am really (surprise) SURPRISED  by the news.
  18. The news is very (surprise)  SURPRISING  to me.
  19. Jack's friends (surprise) SURPRISED   him by giving him a surprise birthday party.
  20. The birthday party was (surprise)  SURPRISING  to Jack.
  21. Speaking English all day can be (frustrate) FRUSTRATING  to students.
  22. I get very (frustrate)  FRUSTRATED  by traffic.
  23. Traffic is very (frustrate)  FRUSTRATING   to me.
  24. Keiko was (frustrate)  FRUSTRATED   when she lost her keys.
  25. I am (finish)  FINISHED  with this exercise!
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