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Use the present participle (-ing) to describe how something is.
Use the past participle (-ed) to describe how someone feels.
  1. The children were (fascinate)________  by the animals in the zoo.
  2. The animals were (fascinate)________  to the children.
  3. The nature film was (fascinate)________ .
  4. Susan was (fascinate) ________  by the nature film.
  5. Jennifer is (interest)________  in computers.
  6. Computers are (interest)________  to Jennifer.
  7. Jason is an (interest)________  person. I'd like to meet him.
  8. Jason is (interest) ________  in history.
  9. Some movies are very (bore)________ . They make me sleepy.
  10. Sara was (bore) ________  at the movie.
  11. The professor's lecture was a little (bore)________ . I almost fell asleep!
  12. Professor Samuel's class (bore)________  me yesterday.
  13. I am really (bore) ________  today.
  14. Trying to learn another language can be (tire)________  sometimes.
  15. Working for 12 hours with no break is (tire)________  for most people.
  16. Johnathon is very (tire)________  today because he worked all day.
  17. I am really (surprise)________  by the news.
  18. The news is very (surprise)________  to me.
  19. Jack's friends (surprise)________  him by giving him a surprise birthday party.
  20. The birthday party was (surprise)________  to Jack.
  21. Speaking English all day can be (frustrate)________ to students.
  22. I get very (frustrate)________  by traffic.
  23. Traffic is very (frustrate)________  to me.
  24. Keiko was (frustrate) ________  when she lost her keys.
  25. I am (finish) ________ with this exercise!
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