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Passive Voice Conversation Activity INSTRUCTIONS
1. Write this model dialog on the board:
The Lazy Worker
 BOSS: __________,  ________________
            (worker's name)               (sentence)
WORKER: I'm sorry, but_____|  hasn't 
|been____ yet.
 BOSS: ________?! (What? Are you kidding me?! No way! Oh no!)

 WORKER: Sorry! I'll ________ right away.

2. Explain that passive voice is sometimes used to avoid responsibility. For example to a supervisor, "I didn't do it yet." sounds much worse than "It hasn't been done yet."!

3. Write the prompts below on the board, or print them as a handout.

4. Model the conversation for the students:
Boss: Susan, did you finish the report I gave you?
Worker: I'm sorry, but the reports haven't been finished yet.
Boss: What? Are you kidding me?
Worker: Sorry! I'll finish the reports right away.

5. Have students role play being the boss or the lazy worker.

6. The worker should use passive voice to explain what hasn't been done yet.

7. Any appropriate vocabulary can be used to practice the roles.

Practice sentences.

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