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Passive Voice Conversation Activity PRACTICE SENTENCES


1. Where are the letters I gave you to work on yesterday? 2. Is the coffee ready? And where are the donuts?
3. Do the employees have their paychecks yet? 4. Did you cancel my appointment with Dr. Lee?
5. Where is today's mail? 6. The office looks a little messy this morning.
7. Who mailed that package to Chicago yesterday? 8. I'd like to see the reports I gave you yesterday.
1. Are the tables set up for lunch? 2. Why are the water glasses still dirty?
3. The guests at table 5 need their check. 4. Where are the dinner salads?
5. The guests at table 3 don't have any water or menus. 6. The guests at table 9 have nothing to drink.
7. Why is it so hot in here?! 8. There's no coffee ready.
1. There's no water in the monkey cages. 2. The tiger needs some food.
3. Why is there so much poop in the elephant area? 4. The popcorn machine is broken.
5. The cages are very dirty this morning! 6. We need some mice and rats for the snake.
7. Why is the giraffe walking freely throughout the zoo? 8. I'd like to see the repainted sign for the baboon area please.
1. Why are the beds still messy? 2. There are no towels in room 17.
3. Could I see last night's receipts please? 4. The room keys aren't organized.
5. Why is it so cold in here? 6. The hall carpet is very dirty.
7. How much soap did you order last week? 8. How many postcards did you put in each room for the guests?

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