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Third Person Verbs 1

Directions: Type in the correct form for each word. Then click on the Check Answers button.

To make most verbs third person, simply add an "S" at the end.
 Add an -s to each of these verbs:
We visit them regularly. ->1) He  them on Saturdays.
They speak Russian. ->2) She  French.
I hope so.->3) He  so.
They date each other.->4) She  him.
We learn slang in class.->5) He  slang words too.

For verbs that end in -ch, -sh, -s, -x, and -z, you must add "ES" to make them third person.
Add an -es to each of these verbs:
They wash the dishes every night. ->1) He  the dishes every night too.
Spiders catch flies. ->2) A frog  flies too.
I always pass the salt to my father. -> 3) He always  the salt to my brother.
They watch TV at night. -> 4) She  TV at night too.
We fax business proposals every day. ->5) The secretary  proposals too.

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