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Choose the correctly spelled word to complete each sentence.
1) Nick works on an __ committee.
A) advizory
B) advisory
C) advisery
2) She's got an __ friend.
A) imaginery
B) imagenary
C) imaginary
3) They need to meet the __.
A) objective
B) obgecttive
C) abjective
4) We must __ to environmental conditions.
A) adopt
B) adabt
C) adapt
5) She needs to run some___.
A) errans
B) errands
C) erands
6) The __ experiment is finished.
A) laboratory
B) labratory
C) labertory
7) The factory __ was increased 20%.
A) producitivity
B) productivity
C) productivety
8) He got an __ at the doctor's office.
A) injectien
B) injectshun
C) injection
9) You are making __ progress.
A) continual
B) continnual
C) continueal
10) That company uses heavy __.
A) mashinery
B) machinnery
C) machinery
11) I need some __.
A) advices
B) advice
C) advise
12) Ducks are __ birds.
A) migratorry
B) migaratory
C) migratory
13) What is the __ of the story?
A) moral
B) morrale
C) morale
 14) It's an ___ mission.
A) exploretory
B) exploritory
C) exploratory
15) We went to a __.
A) funaral
B) funerol
C) funeral
16) They want to __ a baby.
A) adopt
B) adoppt
C) adopped
17) There was a volcano __ in Hawaii.
A) erupsion
B) eruption
C) erruption
18) A kidnapping is also called an__.
A) abducktion
B) abbduction
C) abduction
19) You need to see a __.
A) specialist
B) specialest
C) specalist
20) Her __ was lifted by the news.
A) morrale
B) moral
C) morale

You havecorrect answers out of 20.

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