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Your or You're?

Your is used to show possession
Your book is black, my book is red.
You're is used as the contraction for you are:
I hope you're not confused!

Read the sentence, decide on the answer, then click the answer button to see the correct answer.

  • car is fast!
  • a new student here, aren't you?
  • I met  brother yesterday.
  • Sometimes  brother isn't very nice!
  • Hey Jack!  friend is here to see you!
  • doing great! Keep on going!
  • When  driving to school, do you sing in your car?
  • Has she seen  new apartment yet?
  • not from California, are you?
  • When  studying, do you watch TV?
  • trip to Disneyland sounds fun!
  • What color is  bedroom?
  • How much gas is in  car?
  • an intelligent person.
  • quiz is almost finished.
  • Have you told  friends about English-Zone.Com?
  • Is  understanding of "your" and "you're" better now?
  • Ok, now  finished!
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