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Study this chart that shows how to change active sentences into passive sentences:
Active: Passive:
Present Perfect
I have mailed the gift.
Jack has mailed the gifts.
Present Perfect
The gift  has been mailed  by me.
The gifts  have been mailed  by Jack.
Past Perfect
Steven Spielberg had directed the movie.
Penny Marshall had directed those movies.
Past Perfect
The movie  had been directed  by him.
The movies  had been directed  by her.
Future Perfect
Jon will have finished it next month.
They will have finished it by next week.
Future Perfect
It will have been finished by Jon by next month.
It will have been finished by them by next week.

Change the active verbs to passive verbs in the sentences below.
Click on the Check Answers button.
1)  Lina has written many poems.
Many poems    by Lina.
2)  Maris had already returned the book to the library before they called her.
The book  already   to the library by Maris before they called her.
3)  The secretary will have typed the letter before 5 pm.
The letter     by the secretary before 5 pm.
4)  Sara has knitted many sweaters.
Many sweaters    by Sara.
5)  The students will have written many compositions before they graduate.
Many compositions     by the students before they graduate.
6) By the year 1850, people had found gold in California.
By the year 1850, gold    in California.
7) Someone has broken the window.
The window   .
8) Frank has locked the door.
The door    by Frank.
9) Oh no! Someone has stolen my purse!
Oh no! My purse    !
10) The county will have built a new freeway before the year 2010.
A new freeway     before the year 2010.

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