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Study this chart that shows how to change active sentences into passive sentences:
Active: Passive:
Present Continuous
I am helping Shannon.
June is helping Su and Ling.
Present Continuous
Shannon  is being helped  by me.
Su and Ling  are being helped  by June.
Past Continuous
I was cleaning the bathroom.
They were cleaning the bedroom.
Susan was cleaning the kitchen and patio.
Past Continuous
The bathroom  was being cleaned  by me.
The bedroom  was being cleaned  by them.
The kitchen and patio were being cleaned by her.

Change the active verbs to passive verbs in the sentences below.
Click on the Check Answers button.
1)  The people are discussing politics.
Politics  by the people.
2)  Martin is painting the house.
The house  by Martin.
3)  Tina was cleaning the classroom.
The classroom  by Tina.
4)  Alfredo was smashing the aluminum cans.
The aluminum cans  by Alfredo.
5)  The students are writing compositions.
Compositions  by the students.
6) Sara was holding an umbrella.
The umbrella  by Sara.
7) The teacher was helping the students.
The students  by the teacher.
8) Frank is locking all the the doors.
All the doors  by Frank.
9) Sasha is explaining some old Russian traditions.
Some old Russian traditions  by Sasha.
10) Two horses were pulling the farmer's cart.
The farmer's cart  by two horses.

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