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Passive Voice Practice: Simple Present and Simple Past

Study this chart that shows how to change active sentences into passive sentences:
The active object becomes the passive subject, 
don't forget the verb to be + the past participle.
Active: Passive:
Simple Present
The movie fascinates me.
The movie bores Jack.
The movie surprises them.
Simple Present
I am fascinated by the movie.
Jack  is bored by the movie.
They  are surprised by the movie.
Simple Past
The movie bored me.
The movie fascinated Jack.
The movie surprised them.
Simple Past
was bored by the movie.
Jack  was fascinated by the movie.
They  were surprised by the movie.

Type the correct form of the passive verbs below: 
don't forget the verb to be + the past participle
The news article surprises me.
  by the news article
2. The story fascinates Kim.
Kim   by the story.
3. Mary helps me often.
often  by Mary.
4. Jenni opened the letter.
The letter   by Jenni
5. The teacher asked me.
  by the teacher.
6. I manage the store.
The store   by me.
7. The client ordered a package.
A package   by the client.
8. My sister bought these shirts.
These shirts   by my sister.
9. The professor's class bored us.
We   by the professor's class.
10. I wrote these answers.
These answers   by me.

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