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Simple Present Tense Verb Practice #2

1. Read the about Janet's schedule.
2. Type the correct form of the verbs.
3. Click on the Check Answers button.

Every day, Janet
(to wake up)
at 6 in the morning.

(to get)
out of bed right away.

Then Janet
(to take)
a bath because the kids are still asleep.

After her bath, she
(to cook)
pancakes for breakfast and wakes her children up.

Next, Janet
(to eat)
breakfast with her children.

Then she
(to send)
the children to school.

While the children are at school, Janet
(to work)
around the house.

Then she
(to drive)
to the school to pick up her children.

(to make)
dinner when they get home.

At 6:30 she usually
(to help)
the children with their homework.

At 8:30 she
(to put)
the children to bed.

At 9:00 Janet usually
(to fall)
asleep with a book in her hands. Good night!

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