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Frequency Adverbs - NEVER / RARELY / SELDOM in Negative Sentences

Other Verbs
(play, do, study, work, etc.)
Frequency Adverbs come BEFORE all verbs, except the BE verb.
When you use NEVER, RARELY, and SELDOM with a NEGATIVE sentence, you cannot use the word NOT. This is because the words NEVER, RARELY, and SELDOM are considered negatives, and you cannot use two negative words in one sentence. Sometimes you must also change the word order a little. Study these examples below:
I don't bother the other students. [never] -> I never bother the other students.

My brother doesn't come to school late. [rarely] -> My brother rarely comes to school late.

Jenny and Susan don't study in the library.[seldom] -> Jenny and Susan seldom study in the library.

BE Verb
(am, is, are, was, were, etc.)
Frequency Adverbs come AFTER a BE verb.
I am not a lazy student. [never] -> I am never a lazy student.

My brother isn't late to school. [rarely] -> My brother is rarely late to school.

Jenny and Susan aren't in the library. [seldom] -> Jenny and Susan are seldom in the library.

Read each sentence below, and try to think of the new sentence.
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BEFORE the verb:
 AFTER the verb:


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