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Frequency Adverbs - NEVER / RARELY / SELDOM

Other Verbs
(play, do, study, work, etc.)
Frequency Adverbs come BEFORE all verbs, except the BE verb. 
I never bother the other students.
My brother rarely comes to school late.
Jenny and Susan seldom study in the library after class.
BE Verb
(am, is, are, was, were, etc.)
Frequency Adverbs come AFTER a BE verb. 
I am never a lazy student.
My brother is rarely late to school.
Jenny and Susan are seldom in the library after class.

Read each sentence below, then decide if the [ADVERB] goes BEFORE or AFTER the verb.
Press Next Question to begin the exercise and to move from question to question.

BEFORE the verb:
 AFTER the verb:


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