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Two-Part Verbs with "BREAK"


s = separable
n = non separable


Phrasal verbs have a special meaning when they are 
used together. There are often many meanings for the 
same words though. In this lesson, we'll learn and practice 
these words:

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to break off 
to break down 
to break up 
to break down 
to break into 
to break up with
to end something - a conversation or relationship
to separate something; dismantle, destroy
to separate something; scatter, disperse
to stop working
to forcefully go into something
to end a relationship
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1. Susan and Jack were talking about something when I came into the room, but when I entered, they broke __ their conversation. 
A) down B) up C) off D) into 

2. Cory broke ___ somebody's house and stole a TV. Now, he's in jail!
A) down B) up  C) off D) into

3. It takes many years for garbage and trash to break __ and decompose. That's why we must recycle and be careful of the environment.
A) down B) with  C) off D) into

4. The police came when my house was broken ___ .
A) down B) up  C) off D) into 

5. My friends had a terrible argument. It was so bad that the police came to their house  to break the argument __. My friends shouldn't shout like that!
A) down B) up  C) off D) into 

6. Mark can't find his suticase key, so he is going to break ___ the suitcase with a hair pin!
A) down B) up  C) off  D) into

7. Break some crackers __ and put them in your soup to make the flavor better.
A) down B) up  C) off D) into

8. Jack's motorcycle broke ___ yesterday. He will have to repair it this weekend.
A) down B) up  C) off  D) into

9. When will the meeting break __ tomorrow? I have a class at 4:00.
A) down B) up  C) off  D) into 

10. It's rude to interrupt people and make them break their conversation ___ in midsentence.
A) down B) up  C) off D) into 

  You havecorrect answers out of 10

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