Past Perfect 1
Past perfect is used when there are two past events.
The past perfect event happened first in time.
FIRST: The thief spent the money. THEN: The police caught the thief.

The thief had spent the money before the police caught him.
OR:Before the police caught the thief, he had spent the money.

"had spent" tells us that event happened first in time.

Past perfect key words: already, yet

Change the verbs to past perfect or simple past. 
1) First: Diego ate dinner. Then: Pablo came over.
Diego (eat) ____________ dinner already by the time Pablo (come) _________ over.
2) First: I finished my homework. Then: I went to bed.
I (go) ____________ to bed after I (finish) ____________ my homework.
3) First: Sam washed the dishes. Then: Sam turned on the TV. 
Sam (turn)____________ on the TV after he (wash) ____________ the dishes.
4) First: Frank threw the football. Then: Frank fell down.
Frank (fall) ____________ down after he (throw) ____________ the football.
5) First: I bought an airplane ticket. Then: Sara found a really good price. 
After I (buy) ____________ an airplane ticket already, Sara (find)____________ a really good price.
6) Last night I started to make dinner at 5:30. At 6:00, My husband came home.
By the time my husband (come) ____________ home, I (make) ____________ dinner already.
7) Yesterday Maria fed the cat and then she went to work.
Maria (go) ____________ to work after she (feed) ____________ the cat.
8) Peter was late. By the time he (get) ____________ to the theater, the movie (start) ____________ already.
9) The teacher (give) ____________ an exam by the time Jorge (arrive)____________ at school.
10) We (play) ____________ cards for several hours after the children (go) ____________ to bed.
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