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Present/Future Unreal (Untrue) Conditionals 3            ANSWER KEY
Use a simple past verb.
Use would/could + present verb.
If it rained today,
(It is sunny today.)
I would need an umbrella.
(I don't need an umbrella.)
If I didn't practice English,
(I practice English.)
I couldn't say much in English.
(I can say a lot in English.)
If Marie were hungry,
(Marie is not hungry.)
she would eat dinner.
(She will not eat dinner.)
If I weren't happy,
(I am happy.)
I wouldn't be smiling.
(I am smiling.)
Write the correct form of the verbs in the blanks below:
1. If Mark (to see)   SAW      a robber, he would call the police.
Does he see a robber now? yes or no?   NO   Is he going to call the police? yes or no?   NO 
2.  I would go to the beach if the weather (to be)   WERE      nice today.
Is the weather nice today? yes or no?   NO   Will I go to the beach today? yes or no?   NO 
3.  If you (to have)   HAD      a time machine , would you travel to the past?
Do you have a time machine? yes or no?   NO  Can you travel to the past?yes or no?   NO 
4. My brother would eat a snake only if it (to be)   WERE      the last food on earth!
Is snake meat the last food on Earth? yes or no?   NO    Will he eat a snake now? yes or no?   NO 
5.  My sister would go dancing in a club if she (to know)   KNEW      how to dance.
Does she know how to dance? yes or no?   NO    Will she dance in a club? yes or no?   NO 
6. My brother wouldn't smile at Susan if he (not like)   DIDN'T LIKE    her.
Does he like Susan? yes or no?   YES   Does he smile at Susan? yes or no?   YES 
7. If it (not be)   WEREN'T     snowing today, we couldn't go skiing.
Is it snowing today? yes or no?   YES   Can we go skiing today? yes or no?   YES 
8.  My dad couldn't wash his car if today (not be)   WEREN'T     Saturday.
Is it Saturday? yes or no?   YES    Can my dad wash his car today? yes or no?   YES 
9.  If they (not go)   DIDN'T GO     to school every day, their mom would get angry.
Do they go to school every day? yes or no?   YES    Is their mom angry? yes or no?   NO 
10. Peter wouldn't be so healthy if he (not exercise)   DIDN'T EXERCISE    and eat right.
Is he healthy? yes or no?   YES    Does he sleep all day and eat candy? yes or no?   NO 
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