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Present/Future Unreal (Untrue) Conditionals 3               (IF-CLAUSE PRACTICE)
Use a simple past verb.
Use would/could + present verb.
If it rained today,
(It is sunny today.)
I would need an umbrella.
(I don't need an umbrella.)
If I didn't practice English,
(I practice English.)
I couldn't say much in English.
(I can say a lot in English.)
If Marie were hungry,
(Marie is not hungry.)
she would eat dinner.
(She will not eat dinner.)
If I weren't happy,
(I am happy.)
I wouldn't be smiling.
(I am smiling.)
Write the correct form of the verbs in the blanks below:
1. If Mark (to see)_______________ a robber, he would call the police.
Does he see a robber now? yes or no? _____  Is he going to call the police? yes or no? _____
2.  I would go to the beach if the weather (to be)_______________ nice today.
Is the weather nice today? yes or no? _____  Will I go to the beach today? yes or no? _____
3.  If you (to have)_______________ a time machine , would you travel to the past?
Do you have a time machine? yes or no? _____ Can you travel to the past if you want to?yes or no? _____
4. My brother would eat a snake only if it (to be)_______________ the last food on earth!
Is snake meat the last food on Earth? yes or no? _____   Will he eat a snake? yes or no? _____
5.  My sister would go dancing in a club if she (to know)_______________ how to dance.
Does she know how to dance? yes or no? _____   Will she dance in a club? yes or no? _____
6. My brother wouldn't smile at Susan if he (not like)_______________ her.
Does he like Susan? yes or no? _____   Does he smile at Susan? yes or no? _____
7. If it (not be)_______________ snowing today, we couldn't go skiing.
Is it snowing today? yes or no? _____   Can we go skiing today? yes or no? _____
8. My dad couldn't wash his car if today (not be)_______________ Saturday.
Is it Saturday? yes or no? _____   Can my dad wash his car today? yes or no? _____
9.  If they (not go)_______________ to school every day, their mom would get angry.
Do they go to school every day? yes or no? _____   Is their mom angry? yes or no? _____
10. Peter wouldn't be so healthy if he (not exercise)_______________ and eat right.
Is he healthy? yes or no? _____   Does he sleep all day and eat candy? yes or no? _____
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