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[main clause]   Frank took a shower
before he went to bed last night. [time clause]
[USE: simple past tense]
[USE: simple past tense]
[time clause] Before Frank went to bed last night, he took a shower. [main clause]
[USE: simple past tense]   comma ->   ,
[USE: simple past tense]

Write the correct forms of the verbs to complete these present time clauses.

First: Frank washed the dishes. Then: Frank listened to the radio. (last night)
1) Frank (wash)  WASHED  the dishes last night before he (listen)  LISTENED  to the radio.
2) Before Frank (listen)  LISTENED  to the radio last night , he (wash)  WASHED  the dishes.
First: Frank ate a snack. Then: Frank brushed his teeth. (yesterday)
3) After Frank (eat)  ATE  a snack yesterday, he (brush)  BRUSHED  his teeth.
4) Frank (brush)  BRUSHED  his teeth after he (eat)  ATE  a snack yesterday.
First: Frank checked his email. Then: Frank surfed the net.  (yesterday afternoon)
5) Frank (check)  CHECKED  his email before he (surf)  SURFED  the net yesterday afternoon. 
6) After Frank (check)  CHECKED  his email yesterday afternoon, he (surf)  SURFED  the net.
First: Frank wrote an essay. And: Frank made some mistakes. (last week)
7) Frank (make)  MADE  some mistakes when he (write)  WROTE  an essay last week.
8) When Frank (write)  WROTE  an essay last week, he (make)  MADE  some mistakes.
First: Frank drove his car to school. And: Frank sang with the radio. (this morning)
9) Frank (sing)  SANG  with the radio as he (drive)  DROVE  his car to school.
10) As Frank (drive)  DROVE  his car to school, he (sing)  SANG  with the radio.
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