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Before 2, 1
1 before 2
Before Frank (go) ________ to bed,he (take) _______ a shower.
Frank (take) _______ a shower before he (go) ________ to bed.
After 1, 2
2 after 1
After Frank (take) _______ a shower, he (go) ________ to bed.
Frank (go) ________ to bed after he (take) _______ a shower.
When 1, 2
2 when 1
When it (begin) ________ to rain, Sally (open) ________ her umbrella.
Sally (open) ________ her umbrella when it (begin) ________ to rain.
While 1, 2
2 while 1
While the song (play)   was playing , I (sing)     sang   loudly with the music.
I (sing) ________ loudly with the music while the song (play) ___________.

Write the correct forms of the verbs to complete these present time clauses.

First: Frank put on his tuxedo. Then: Frank went to the opera. (last night)
1) Frank (put on) ___________ his tuxedo before he (go) ___________ to the opera.
2) Before Frank (go) ___________ to the opera , he (put on) ___________ his tuxedo.
First: Frank ate a snack. Then: Frank brushed his teeth. (yesterday)
3) After Frank (eat) ___________ a snack yesterday, he (brush) ___________ his teeth.
4) Frank (brush) ___________ his teeth after he (eat) ___________ a snack yesterday.
First: Frank checked his email. Then: Frank surfed the net.  (yesterday afternoon)
5) Frank (check) ___________ his email before he (surf) ___________ the net yesterday afternoon. 
6) After Frank (check) ___________ his email yesterday afternoon, he (surf) ___________ the net.
First: Frank wrote an essay. And: Frank made some mistakes. (last week)
7) Frank (make) ___________ some mistakes when he (write) ___________ an essay last week.
8) When Frank (write) ___________ an essay last week, he (make) ___________ some mistakes.
First: Frank drove his car to school. And: Frank sang with the radio. (early this morning)
9) Frank (sing) ___________ with the radio while he (drive) ___________ his car to school.
10) While Frank (drive) ___________ his car to school, he (sing) ___________ with the radio.
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