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[main clause]   Sebastian will take a shower before he goes to bed. [time clause]
[USE: future with WILL/BE GOING TO]
[USE: simple present tense]
[time clause] After Sebastian takes a shower, he will go to bed. [main clause]
[USE: simple present tense]   comma ->   ,
[USE: future with WILL/BE GOING TO]

Write the correct form of the verbs to complete these future time clauses.

First: Sebastian will wash the dishes tonight. Then: Sebastian will watch TV tonight.
1) Sebastian (wash)  WILL WASH  the dishes tonight before he (watch)  WATCHES  TV.
2) After Sebastian (wash)  WASHES  the dishes tonight, he (watch)  WILL WATCH  TV.
First: Sebastian will eat a snack. Then: Sebastian will brush his teeth.
3) Before Sebastian (brush)  BRUSHES  his teeth, he (eat)  WILL EAT  a snack.
4) After Sebastian (eat)  EATS  a snack, he (brush)  WILL BRUSH  his teeth.
First: Sebastian will check his email. Then: Sebastian will surf the net.
5) Sebastian (check)  WILL CHECK  his email before he (surf)  SURFS  the net.
6) After Sebastian (check)  CHECKS  his email, he (surf)  WILL SURF  the net.
First: Sebastian will write a report. Then: Sebastian will check it for mistakes.
7) After Sebastian (write)  WRITES  a report, he (check)  WILL CHECK  it for mistakes.
8) Before Sebastian (check)  CHECKS  his report for mistakes, he (write) WILL WRITE it.
First: Sebastian will lock the door. Then: Sebastian will go to work.
9) Sebastian (go)  WILL GO  to work after he (lock)  LOCKS  the door.
10) Sebastian (lock)  WILL LOCK  the door before he (go)  GOES  to work.

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