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[main clause]   Sebastian will take a shower before he goes to bed. [time clause]
[USE: future with WILL/BE GOING TO]
[USE: simple present tense]
[time clause] After Sebastian takes a shower, he will go to bed. [main clause]
[USE: simple present tense]   comma ->   ,
[USE: future with WILL/BE GOING TO]

Write the correct form of the verbs to complete these future time clauses.

First: Sebastian will wash the dishes tonight. Then: Sebastian will watch TV tonight.
1) Sebastian (wash) ___________ the dishes tonight before he (watch) ___________ TV.
2) After Sebastian (wash) ___________ the dishes tonight, he (watch) ___________ TV.
First: Sebastian will eat a snack. Then: Sebastian will brush his teeth.
3) Before Sebastian (brush) ___________ his teeth, he (eat) ___________ a snack.
4) After Sebastian (eat) ___________ a snack, he (brush) ___________ his teeth.
First: Sebastian will check his email. Then: Sebastian will surf the net.
5) Sebastian (check) ___________ his email before he (surf) ___________ the net.
6) After Sebastian (check) ___________ his email, he (surf) ___________ the net.
First: Sebastian will write a report. Then: Sebastian will check it for mistakes.
7) After Sebastian (write) ___________ a report, he (check) ___________ it for mistakes.
8) Before Sebastian (check) ___________ his report for mistakes, he (write) ___________ it.
First: Sebastian will lock the door. Then: Sebastian will go to work.
9) Sebastian (go) ___________ to work after he (lock) ___________ the door.
10) Sebastian (lock) ___________ the door before he (go) ___________ to work.

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