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A San Francisco Vacation

Read the story, and choose the correct articles to complete the sentences.

On my vacation last fall, I went to _1_ San Francisco. _2_ city is in California, on _3_ Pacific Ocean, and it's _4_ wonderful city to visit. There are _5_ many things to see!

I did a lot of _6_ sightseeing during my visit. One day I went to Golden Gate Park, where I visited _7_ DeYoung Museum as well as  _8_ Academy of Sciences.

After that, I went to Coit Tower to see _9_ view of the city. On the last day of my vacation, I went _10_ downtown to do some shopping.

1) the X (no article)
2) The X (no article)
3) the X (no article)
4) the a
5) X (no article)

6) X (no article)
7) the a
8) the X (no article)

9) the X (no article)
10) X (no article)

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