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Learn About Bears

     Bears are the largest meat-eating animals that live on land. Bears are found throughout Eurasia, the Atlas mountains of North Africa, the Northern Hemisphere and in parts of South America.

     Bears usually live alone except when it's time to find a mate and make some baby bears. When the babies are born, it's called a litter. A mother can have a litter of one to four baby bears. Baby bears are called cubs. Cubs are born in caves or dens. A den is a bear's home.

     Bears remain with their mother at least through their first year. They become mature at 2 to 5 years of age and live 15 to 30 years in the wild.

     Bears truly are magnificent animals. They are wonderful to watch, but we need to remember that they are also wild animals that demand our respect. They are strong and agile, they will defend themselves, their young and their territory if they feel threatened.

Read the article on the left to answer the questions below:
Choose the correct answer for each question.
Then click on the Check Answers button.
1. Bears live...
2. What is a baby bear called?
3. Are bears usually friendly with other bears?
4. What is a group of baby bears called?
5. Where are bears born?
6. How long do cubs stay with their mother?
7. How long can a bear live?
8. Which of these words describes a bear?
9. Which of these words describes a bear?
10. Which of these words describes a bear?

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