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1  to = part of an infinitive
 to go, to play, to sing, etc.
 too = extra, more than necessary
 Sara ate too many apples.
 two = 2
 I have two brothers.
2  to = a preposition
 I went to the park.
 too = also
 Yvonne went to the park too.
Type the correct word to / two / too
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1.  Mom: I'm sorry, but it is (to/too/two) cold to go swimming today. 
Son: I plan (to/too/two)go swimming tomorrow then. 
        My (to/too/two) friends also want to go swimming with me.
Mom: Ok. 
2.  My family is going (to/too/two) the zoo today. We are hoping (to/too/two) see some lions. Maybe we will see some monkeys (to/too/two).
3.  Irene is going to buy (to/too/two) movie tickets. She is going (to/too/two) see a movie. Her friend is going to come (to/too/two).
4. Jack drives (to/too/two) school every day. Unfortunately, gas costs (to/too/two) much money these days, so he always asks me (to/too/two) give him money for gas!
5.  My mom wants (to/too/two) bake a cake today, but my dad always eats (to/too/two) much cake. My mom doesn't want him to get (to/too/two)fat! I guess she won't bake that cake after all...
6. Madonna is a famous singer. Ricky Martin is a famous singer (to/too/two).

Jack: Where did your friend go?
Jill: He went (to/too/two) driving school.
Jack: My friend goes to driving school (to/too/two)!
9. I'm so full! I ate (to/too/two) many pieces of pizza for dinner.
10.It's snowing today. I wonder if it will snow tomorrow, (to/too/two).
11.If it snows for (to/too/two) more days, we can go skiing!
12.  My dad likes (to/too/two) wash his car every Saturday.
13. Friday and Saturday are (to/too/two) of my favorite days of the week.
14.  Are they your favorite days (to/too/two)?
15. What do you like (to/too/two) do on the weekend?
16. Are your friends studying English (to/too/two)
17. It's more fun (to/too/two) learn English with a friend!
18. There are only (to/too/two) more questions!
19. Make sure you tell your friends to visit the English Zone (to/too/two)!
20. Are you ready (to/too/two) check your answers?
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