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-Time Clauses- An English Zone Page

Finish the sentences by choosing the correct ending. Type the correct letter in the box on the left.
When you finish, click on Check Answers. The first answer is given for you.
1.Ann will lock the doors
A. if it doesn't rain tomorrow.
A 2.We're going to the beach B. her parents got lonely.
E 3. Before Jeff goes to sleep, C. after I go to London.
I 4. If I get a job soon, D. before she goes to bed.
J 5. They went to the zoo E. he will do his homework.
H 6. The show will start  F. robbers went to his house!
B 7. After Sara moved out, G. I will tell him my good news.
G 8. When I call Mike tomorrow, H. as soon as the curtain goes up.
F 9. While David was working, I. I will take you out to lunch.
C 10. I'm going to Paris J. when Mary came to visit.

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