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What time is it? Quiz 2

It's twelve o'clock.
It's twelve.
(12:00A.M. = midnight)
(12:00 P.M. = noon)
It's one fifteen.
It's a quarter after one.
It's two thirty.
It's half past two.
It's three forty-five.
It's a quarter to four.
4:00 A.M.
It's four in the morning.
It's four A.M.
5:00 P.M.
It's five o'clock at night.
It's five P.M.
It's six twelve.
It's twelve after six.
It's seven fifty.
It's ten to eight.

Choose the correct time from the words.

It's one fifteen.
It's three thirty in the morning.
It's seven o'clock.
It's six forty-seven.
It's four after eleven.
It's nine thirty at night.
It's a quarter to five.
It's half past eight o'clock.
It's a quarter past seven.
It's three thirty-five.

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