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Subject - Verb Agreement Quiz

Choose the correct completion.

1) Shannon doesn't get_____.
a) many phone call
b) much phone call
c) many phone calls
d) much phone calls
3) Students who do their homework everyday should be proud of _____.
a) yourselves
b) themselves
c) yourself
d) themself
5) Two-thirds of my _____ from Germany.
a) classmate is
b) classmate are
c) classmates is
d) classmates are
7) _____ in your class have tickets for the movie?
a) Do any of the student
b) Do any of the students
c) Does any of the student
d) Does any the students
9) My teacher has _____.
a) several chalk
b) plenty of chalks
c) plenty of chalk
d) several chalks
2) One of the salad _____broken.
a) plates is
b) plate are
c) plates are
d) plate is
4) Each of the _____ own box.
a) puppies has theirs
b) puppy has their
c) puppies have its
d) puppies has its
6) Knowing many _____ useful if you want to find an international job.
a) language is 
b) language are
c) languages is
d) languages are
8) Many_____ playing in a tree.
a) of monkeys were
b) monkeys were
c) of the monkeys was
d) monkeys was
10) I need _____. Can you help me?
a) some informations
b) some information
c) a few informations
d) a few information

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