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Another / The other

A student page by Mari Nanao
open group singular
another stone (is)
other stones (are)
another (is)
others (are)
closed group singular
the other stone (is)
the other stones (are)
the other  (is)
the others  (are)


(a) There are many different countries in the world. One is America. Another country is Japan. Another is Brazil. Other countriesare Canada and Korea. Others are Thailand and China.
(b) I have three backpacks. Two of them are old. The other backpack is new. (The other is new.)
(c) I have three backpacks. One is new. The other backpacks are old. (The others are old.)
(d) I will be done in another five minutes.
(e) I need another ten dollars to buy this food.
(f) It is another 4,000 miles to Japan.


Another: adj. a different one, more or additional.
Another: pron. one more, an additional one, a different one
Other(s): adj. not the one or ones just mentioned or thought of, different, additional
Other(s): pron. second, alternate
The other(s): the remaining one, the rest of a specific group
Another: is used as an adjective with expressions of time, money and distance.

PART ONE: Choose the correct answer from A,B,C,D,E
A. another   B. other  C. others   D. the other   E. the others
Click on the Check Answers button when you are finished.
1)I forgot my pencil. Do you have any  pencils?
2) I'm still hungry. Can I have  steak?
3) We have two VCRs in the house. One is for the family.  is mine.
4) Tabatha has three jackets. One of them is white.  are black.
5) There are many kinds of colors in the world. One is pink. Blue and green are .
PART TWO: Correct the errors by typing the correct word in the box.
1)We have three animals in the house. One is a bird. 
Other is a dog.  The others is a cat.
2)I have four dictionaries. Two of them is  electronic, but others  are books.
3)I have two pairs of in-line skates. One pairs  are  older than another  one.
4)One TV is in the bedroom. Other  is coming tomorrow.
PART THREE: Type the correct letter in the boxes below.
1)I have to drive  to get there.

a. another ten mile            b. another ten miles
c. others ten mile             d. other ten miles

2)I always have four keys on one key chain. One of the keys is for the 
front door of the house.  for my car.

a. Other keys is               b. Others are
c. The other keys is          d. The others are

3)Some people like to watch TV.  like TV.

a. Other people don't         b. Others people don't
c. The other people don't    d. The other people don't

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