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Expressions with "other"

A student page by Hye Young Ko

"each other" and
"one another"
indicate a reciprocal relationship
"every other"can give the idea of "alternate"
"the other"is used in time expressions, such as
the other day, the other morning,
the other week, etc. and refers to
the recent past.
"the other day"means "a few days ago" or "not long ago"
"one after the other"
and "one after another"
expresses the idea that separate actions
occur very close in time.
"other than"is usually used after a negative to mean "except"
"in other words"is used to explain the meaning of a preceding
sentence in simpler or clearer terms

Click the correct answer for each sentence below.
1) I bought everything I needed, __ shirts because I didn't have enough money.
a) each other
b) every other
c) the other
d) other than

2) Our family made the rule that we should talk to ___ at dinner every night.
a) one others
b) each other
c) every others
d) the other day

3) Please fill out ___ line.
a) every other
b) one another
c) the other day
d) other than

4) A: Did you do your project about Sam's Company?
    B: Yes, I did it just ___ day.
a) each other
b) every other
c) one after
d) the other

5) No student received an "A," ___ Jamie.
a) in other
b) other than
c) each other
d) the other day

6) Julie always helps her parents and follows what they say.
___ she is a very good daughter.
a) Other than
b) Every
c) In other words
d) One another

7) A very horrible disease struck our town last year. People died very quickly. They passed away ___.
a) other than
b) after the other
c) one after the other
d) one other

8) A: How often does your sister play tennis with you?
    B: ___ week. We meet at the sports center.
a) One after
b) Every other
c) Each other
d) After

9) A: Have you been to Mexico recently?
    B: Yes, I went just ___
a) the other day
b) others day
c) each other
d) one after

10) No one is pretty ___ Mary.
a) other
b) excepts
c) other than
d) the other

You have correct answers out of 10

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