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Making Questions

  Present Progressive Statement Present Progressive Question
3rd Person Singular:  Jack is working right now. Is Jack working right now?
3rd Person Plural:  They are playing. Are they playing?
  Simple Present Statement Simple Present Question
3rd Person Singular:  Jack works every day. Does Jack work every day?
3rd Person Plural:  They work every day. Do they work every day?

Change these sentences into questions. Follow the examples in the chart above.
Type each word into the box below:
Mary is swimming right now.
right now?
2. Mary swims every day.
every day?
3. Kevin is watching TV at the moment.
at the moment?
4. Kevin watches TV every evening.
every evening?
5. Kate and Steve play tennis every Saturday.
every Saturday?
6. Sara is singing loudly.
7. The cat is eating a mouse.
a mouse?
8. The dogs are sleeping.

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