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Subject and Object Pronouns

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1. A) Do you know Mary Anne's brother?
   B) Yes, I do. ___ like him. He's nice.
A) I
B) You

2. My English book is interesting. I like ____.
A) them
B) it

3. They're my friends.  I know ____ well.
A) their
B) them

4. You're my sister! Of course I like ____!
A) you
B) your

5. Lee and Susan are good students. ____ study every day.
A) They
B) Them

6. Lee and Susan are good students. Do you know ____?
A) they
B) them

7. Of course I know Lee and Susan. I sit next to ____ in class.
A) they
B) them

8. Lee has a brother. ___ play tennis with him after school every day.
A) I
B) He

9. Tennis is a fun game. I like to play____ often.
A) them
B) it

10. I have a new car. It's red, and ___ goes very fast!
A) it
B) I

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