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Study these examples:

Statements:  Beginning of
noun clause
THAT Subject Verb (ending)
The ocean is salty.He is surethatthe oceanissalty.
The next bus comes in ten minutes.I'm surethatthe next buscomesin ten minutes.
That man is watching you.I want to tell youthatthat manis watchingyou.
Those shoes are on sale.I don't thinkthatthose shoesareon sale.

Directions: Add the sentence to the beginning of the sentence given in the boxes below.
1)The bank is on First Street.
2)The next bus comes at noon.
3)Sara went to a party last night.
4)The nearest supermarket is 2 miles away.
5)The Mona Lisa hangs in the New York Museum.
6)I met the Queen last week.
7)Our teacher's name is Kaye.
8)My keys are lost again!
9)The little girl doesn't know her address.
10)This is how you make a noun clause.

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