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Present Real (True) Conditionals + IF / WHEN

Both "if" and "when" are used in Present Real Conditionals:
Using "if" suggests that something only happens sometimes.
Using "when" suggests that something happens often.

Type IF or WHEN in the blanks below.
1.  I'm never late to school because  I am late to school, my teacher gets angry.
2.  Jack's motorcycle is very reliable, and he almost never has any trouble with it. But he has had a few problems in the past.  his bike breaks down or he has any problems, he calls the motorcycle shop for help.
3. Frank has a motorcycle too, but it is terrible! It seems to break down once a week!  his motorcycle breaks down, he calls his friend to help him fix it.
4.  I usually have a snack  I get home from school.
5.  my friend watches TV, she changes the channels every 2 minutes. It's annoying!
6.  My sister lost the remote control for our TV. We are too lazy to walk over and change the channel by hand, but  a sports program comes on, I'll go change the channel right away.
7. Susan gets two weeks of paid vacation each year. She doesn't really like to travel.  she takes a vacation, she will go somewhere nearby.
8. My friends always email me.  I get an email letter, I usually write back immediately.
9. Sara hates television. She thinks TV is a big waste of time.  she watches any television at all, it is usually a nature film or a documentary.
10. Peter loves watching movies.  he goes to the movies, he always buys a large bag of popcorn with lots of butter.

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